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NOLOGO Backpacks

We didn't start by creating a "BRAND". We just needed a great everyday carry. It is our mission to make the blend of safety & style affordable & accessible to all.


Our movement takes us places both days and nights

What we lack is a safe, ergonomically correct, load-bearing storage that we can wear instead of carry. Our reinterpretation of the classic backpack converts into:

  • A Messenger Bag
  • A Briefcase for customized carry and everyday use
  • Integrates a Hoodie and High-Viz Safety Vest when worn as a Backpack
  • Includes a Cycling feature with Wearable (LED) Lighting

We're Rethinking the Student Staple

Functional apparel that we want to wear, because of its styling and quality.



Our backpack design offers students, street cyclists and pedestrians a comfortable new alignment between fashion and technology: what is known as wearable technology.


It is smart – carrying laptops, tablets and smartphones, power plugs and accessories – in weather - resistant and padded storage, while also using LED lighting to retro - reflect the wearer in low-light situations – providing a level of safety to the mobile user.


Our product has a unique ergonomic harness, water resistance, hooded safety – and thus superior to our competitors. A U.S. utility patent is pending (anticipated 2017).


Reflective, Waterproof & Lightweight: Our Backpack is a new category of every-day-carry that merges and servers the functions needed between work and play, while keeping the wearer seen and safe.

Integrates the Leading Technology in Wearable Lighting



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